We believe in the right of of all young people to have high quality arts education.

Arts People is run by people with a passion for arts education. We regret the way in which arts education is under pressure and how it is increasingly the preserve of better off families. We want to challenge this.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community of young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who love playing music, singing and performing. We expect sure of them to be very successful and to go on to careers in the arts.

We will achieve this by the success of our tutors, but we will also use additional money to help those in greatest need. We will establish an Arts People Foundation.

Our Promise

The Arts People Foundation will receive 10% of all Arts People dividends. This core funding stream will be supported by grants and donations to form a fighting fund for young people’s arts education. It will support music lessons, performance¬† and exhibitions. It will allow us to offer careers advice and work experience opportunities.

Our Invitation

We are at an early stage of development. If you want to help shape the vision, get in touch.


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